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Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It’s also a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure.

– The Enterprises Project, Red Hat

Challenge: 84% of companies fail

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In its article, "12 Reasons Your Digital Transformation Will Fail", Forbes explans: "Virtually every Forbes Global 2000 company is on some sort of digital transformation journey. Some are getting it right and others struggle. Basically, one in eight got it right and then there were ranges of failure to really whereby more than 50 percent just didn't go right at all. In fact their expectations were neither met nor exceeded and the gap between expectation and meeting were so enormous it was considered a failure."
Source: 12 Reasons Your Digital Transformation Will Fail

Approach: Strive for Digital Mastery

Mastering the Art of Digital Transformation: A Proven Approach to Drive Business Growth Through Adaptation and Innovation

"In the rapidly evolving world of business, digital transformation is not just about incorporating technology, but about continuously adapting to meet the demands of the market to deliver value. Like in any evolutionary system, the key to survival and thriving lies in the ability to experiment, learn from failures, and quickly adapt. This requires a mindset of constant improvement and the allocation of resources to support this ongoing process. The successful companies of tomorrow will be those who embrace this cultural shift and budget accordingly to ensure their sustained growth."
Jonathan Lugo | MBA, Program manageR

Master the 3 key Areas

of successful digital transformation projects

Customer Experience

Digital Transformation aims to delight customers. We guide you from Customer Journey to Deliverables using Story Maps, Sprints, and Design Thinking.

Business Models​

Digital transformation doesn’t have to be risky. With Change Management in your MVP Portfolio, we guide your innovation journey safely.

Operational Processes

Cloud technologies are essential for digital transformation due to their power, scalability, and flexibility. How they’re implemented is crucial.

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