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Kanplan: Where your backlog meets Kanban:

Kanplan combines features from Scrum and Kanban for agile software development. It’s perfect for teams seeking backlog maintenance without the constraints of sprints.

Executive Summary


In Digital Transformation

Digital transformation reshapes business operations and value delivery through technology integration. Agile Systems aids this transformation with expertise and the Kanplan methodology, blending Kanban and Scrum for flexible project management.

When to use

Kanplan is best suited for teams that require the flexibility of Kanban but also want to incorporate the iterative planning of Scrum. It's especially beneficial for teams that have work coming in from multiple sources or those that need to prioritize and reprioritize their work frequently. In the realm of digital transformation, where change is constant, and adaptability is crucial, Kanplan can be an effective tool to manage and deliver projects.

How Agile Systems can help

Kanban is an agile methodology that focuses on visualizing work, limiting work in progress, and maximizing efficiency.

For Agile Systems' customers, Kanban is particularly beneficial for operational teams that emphasize continuous delivery and face shifting priorities.

It provides flexibility in planning, a clear focus, and complete transparency, ensuring that tasks on the board are of the highest priority.

If your team is not working iteratively but still wants to maintain a backlog, Kanplan, a combination of Kanban and Scrum, might be the solution.

This approach allows for backlog maintenance without the need for sprints, offering the best of both worlds.

Agile Systems can guide its customers in implementing Kanban or Kanplan, tailoring the methodology to best fit the team's unique requirements.

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