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Maximizing Digital Marketing in Europe: Our Successful Implementation of a Program Management Structure in Digital Marketing at a Leading Automotive Company. Discover the Benefits of Streamlining Initiatives and Enhancing Digital Processes


Operating in 21 countries across Europe, this project was designed to maximise digital marketing efforts and streamline initiatives to achieve optimal results. Our team of experts leveraged a Jira and Confluence digital backbone, combined with new Agile processes, to create a program management structure that has delivered tangible business outcomes.

In addition to the technical implementation, we also provided extensive training to the organisation’s workers, ensuring that they were equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively use the new digital infrastructure. This has enabled the company to continue to drive results and maximise the impact of their digital marketing efforts.

The results have been impressive, with the automotive company experiencing increased efficiency, improved collaboration, and heightened agility in their digital marketing operations. The program management structure has provided a centralized platform for tracking progress and measuring results, allowing the organization to make data-driven decisions and continuously optimize their digital marketing efforts.

case study: automotive


  • Industry: Automotive
  • Type: Corporate
  • Service: Program Management / Digital Management
  • Projects: 8
  • Project Managers: 3
  • Program Managers: 1
  • Location: Frankfurt + Distributed


  • Leading international car manufacturer
  • Digital Marketing and IT Infrastructure cooperation
  • Adobe Experience Manager upgrade in 21 Countries
  • Several Additional Projects (i.e. GDPR)
  • Service Level Agreements undefined
  • International Agency on-site
  • Use of internal IT-Infrastructure (No Cloud)


  • Adobe Experience Manager running too slowly
  • Lack of Domain Knowledge in Digital Marketing
  • Overwhelming workload on the servers
  • Multiple concurrent projects without a coordinated approach, always late and with costs overruns
  • Very limited budget for non-core business
  • Countries unhappy with the European HQ


  • Adobe Experience Manager was sub-utilized
  • Lack of agreement on SLAs / No-SLAs
  • Lack of a Training Program
  • Lack of homogenous PM-Best practices
  • Lack of an universal Change Management process
  • Marketing doing IT-Infrastructure work
  • Lack of Meaningful Project Metrics


  • Setup of a Project Management Office (PM- Best Practices)
  • Set up of an improved Change Management process
  • Project Managers: 3
  • Program Managers: 1
  • Location: Frankfurt + Distributed
  • Setup of a weekly Q&A and Training Program with the countries


  • Projects use a common language (i.e. RAID)
  • Projects are more transparent due to more Meaningful Metrics and Standard Dashboards
  • Projects are easier to manage and to communicate
  • Key metrics are used across multiple projects
  • Projects go live faster
  • Marketing is more knowledgeable when negotiating with IT

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