Multi-Project Management of eight projects distributed in 21 countries in Europe for an Automotive Company

case study: automotive


  • Industry: Automotive
  • Type: Corporate
  • Service: Program Management / Digital Management
  • Projects: 8
  • Project Managers: 3
  • Program Managers: 1
  • Location: Frankfurt + Distributed


  • Leading international car manufacturer
  • Digital Marketing and IT Infrastructure cooperation
  • Adobe Experience Manager upgrade in 21 Countries
  • Several Additional Projects (i.e. GDPR)
  • Service Level Agreements undefined
  • International Agency on-site
  • Use of internal IT-Infrastructure (No Cloud)


  • Adobe Experience Manager running too slowly
  • Lack of Domain Knowledge in Digital Marketing
  • Overwhelming workload on the servers
  • Multiple concurrent projects without a coordinated approach, always late and with costs overruns
  • Very limited budged for non-core business
  • Countries unhappy with the European HQ


  • Adobe Experience Manager was sub-utilized
  • Lack of agreement on SLAs / No-SLAs
  • Lack of a Training Program
  • Lack of homogenous PM-Best practices
  • Lack of an universal Change Management process
  • Marketing doing IT-Infrastructure work
  • Lack of Meaningful Project Metrics


  • Setup of a Project Management Office (PM- Best Practices)
  • Set up of an improved Change Management process
  • Project Managers: 3
  • Program Managers: 1
  • Location: Frankfurt + Distributed
  • Setup of a weekly Q&A and Training Program with the countries


  • Projects use a common language (i.e. RAID)
  • Projects are more transparent due to more Meaningful Metrics and Standard Dashboards
  • Projects are easier to manage and to communicate
  • Key metrics are used across multiple projects
  • Projects go live faster
  • Marketing is more knowledgeable when negotiating with IT