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Maximizing Efficiency & Security in Payment Operations Revolutionizing Payment Processes with PCI Compliance Solutions

Streamlining Payment Operations in a Secure Environment

We recently completed a project for a client in the payment industry, where we successfully managed multiple projects in the area of Document Management within a PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant environment. The project included both online and stationary payment services, and required us to adhere to the highest security standards in order to ensure the protection of sensitive customer information.

Our expert project management team not only delivered results on time and within budget, but also streamlined the client’s payment operations, resulting in increased efficiency and improved customer experience. Our successful track record in delivering digital solutions in regulated industries has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner for companies seeking to modernize their operations.

case study: Payments


  • Industry: Payments
  • Type: Online & Stationary
  • Service: Document Management
  • Projects: 6
  • Program Managers: 1
  • Location: Frankfurt + Distributed


  • Leading international Payments Provider
  • Based in Germany and operating in Europe
  • Uses D3 Software
  • Operates under PCI Rules
  • Integrates with SAP and Salesforce
  • Use of internal IT-Infrastructure (No Cloud)


  • Obsolete Systems
  • Not compliant with Government regulation
  • IT Systems cannot longer support Business Change
  • IT Systems cannot support planned expansions
  • IT Systems cannot support planned integrations


  • Heterogeneous IT infrastructure and systems
  • Lack of interoperability between systems


  • Migration to a newer System
  • Migration to a Cloud Infrastructure (Salesforce)
  • Implementation of new Customer Facing Software
  • Post Implementation Support
  • Ongoing security upgrades to comply with regulations
  • Able to assimilate new business units


  • PCI Security Compliance is now possible with ease
  • Integration to other systems is now much easier
  • Systems are scalable
  • New Business Units can be integrated rapidly

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