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Our experienced team uses the latest technologies and methodologies to deliver results. We work closely with you to understand your unique goals and challenges and drive innovation and growth with tailored solutions. 

Agile Systems as Partner

Navigate Digital Transformation with Confidence: Agile Systems Empowers Your Success

Our approach is simple: we work closely with you to understand your unique goals and challenges, and then use a combination of Agile and Lean methodologies to deliver results. With a focus on empowering organisations, you can trust us to help you navigate the digital landscape and achieve your digital transformation goals.

Our mission

To help businesses thrive in the current digital revolution through iterative value-creation along the digital transformation journey


Experimentation OVER Traditional Operations
Innovation OVER Traditional Operations
Data Driven over Experience
Sustainability OVER Profits

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Why us? 6 reasons

digital transformation professionals

Digital transformation requires specialized knowledge, which sometimes is not readily available in your team or company. We bring IT Project Management and Business knowledge together to your project.

project management professionals

We are highly experienced project and program managers who have lead hundreds of projects in Europe, North America and Latin America. We have led waterfall projects, agile projects, and everything in between. We have experience as auditors for large consulting firms, as client side project managers, as technical PM. Plus we have the most requested certifications.

Information Technology professionals

At Agile Systems, we have strong technical and business backgrounds. Therefore, we know what your Devs need and how they can be motivated to be productive. We understand what technologies make sense in a digital transformation context – and which are only fads or not applicable.

turn key solutions

We not only consult: We are there for you from conception to implementation, to service monitoring and optimization. We are hands-on professionals who at your request can take over all and every function of your digital transformation project: From business, portfolio and product planning, through project planning, execution and delivery and into service management.


Agile Systems is based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. We are a boutique agency with highly qualified IT & business professionals with experience in Canada, USA, Germany and Latin America. Most of our teams are always staffed with freelancers who work from anywhere, including Western Europe, North America, Eastern Europe and Asia. 

business professionals

As IT professionals, we have always supported the enterprise: We are heavily specialized in enterprise resource planning systems and in customer relationship management systems. These two combined, plus CMS, cover more than 95% of the IT requirements in a modern international business. We have also served as managers of all kinds in the delivery and support of IT Services.