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12 Common Mistakes Made When Using Story Points:

Story Points indicate the effort to complete a PBI. They represent a time range, like 1 Point being 4-12 hours, providing a rough estimate using reference PBIs.

Executive Summary

Story Points

In Digital Transformation

Story points, while not part of the official Scrum Guide, are widely used by Scrum teams to estimate the effort required for Product Backlog Items (PBIs). They represent a normal distribution of time and provide a rough indication of how much time a PBI will take to complete. However, there are common misconceptions and mistakes made when using story points in the agile world.

When to use

Story points should be used when teams want to:

- Quickly estimate issues relative to already completed PBIs.
- Estimate without committing to a specific time frame.
- Embrace the inherent uncertainty that comes with estimation.
- Plan sprints ahead, managing stakeholder expectations for future work.

However, there are pitfalls to avoid, such as equating story points solely to complexity, translating them to hours, averaging story points, or adjusting them during a sprint. It's also crucial to avoid conforming to the expert in the room during planning poker and to address incorrectly estimated issues during retrospectives.

How Agile Systems can help

Agile Systems, with its expertise in digital experiences, can assist businesses in their agile journey:

- Provide guidance on the correct use of story points, ensuring teams avoid common pitfalls.
- Offer training sessions on agile methodologies, including the effective use of story points for estimation.
- Assist teams in setting up and refining their agile processes, ensuring that story points are used effectively to drive sprint planning and backlog prioritization.
- Facilitate retrospectives where teams can discuss and learn from estimation inaccuracies, continuously improving their estimation process.
- Support businesses in tailoring agile methodologies, including the use of story points, to best fit their unique requirements and digital transformation goals.

By collaborating with Agile Systems, businesses can ensure they harness the full potential of agile methodologies, including the effective use of story points, to drive their digital transformation initiatives.

This article was created by Maarten Dalmijn. All rights and attributions belong to Maarten Dalmijn