salesforce cc e-commerce

middle-sized business
(Mittelständisches Unternehmen)

We are certified and experienced Scrum Masters and IT Multi-project Managers, specialized in enabling Digital Transformation, based in Frankfurt.

case study: Salesforce e-commerce


  • Industry: E-Commerce
  • Type: Mid-sized Business
  • Service: Program Management & PM
  • Projects: 9
  • Project Managers: Internal 1, external 4
  • External Agency: Yes
  • Location: Frankfurt + Distributed


  • Leading international online outlet
  • Digital Marketing and IT Infrastructure cooperation
  • Use of IBM Websphere
  • Several Additional Projects (i.e. Logistics, Finance)
  • Issues with different Agencies
  • Use of internal IT-Infrastructure (No Cloud)


  • Desired to be Agile, without results
  • Many meetings, no results
  • Huge delays in projects lead by external agencies
  • Constant crashes after every release deployed
  • UX errors introduced after every release
  • Very limited budged for non-core business
  • No visible benefits for money spent on IT-Initiatives


  • Culture averse to risk (anti-agile)
  • Limited in-house knowledge on Agile
  • Wrong understanding of Agile and Lean approaches
  • Cultural believes in Waterfall as the correct approach
  • Waterfall projects without structure and chaotic
  • Lack of alignment between business and IT
  • Lack of Meaningful Project Metrics on Initiatives


  • Setup of a Project Management Office (PM- Best Practices)
  • Set up of an improved Change Management process
  • Project Managers: 3, from different Agencies
  • Program Managers: 1
  • Location: Frankfurt + Distributed
  • Introduced Automatic Testing
  • Introduced Professional Release Management
  • Introduced a weekly learning program


  • Efficient and Timely Risk Management (with RAID)
  • Projects are more transparent due to Standard Dashboards
  • Projects are easier to manage due to standarization
  • Key metrics are used across multiple projects
  • Significant reduction of post-Release Deployment issues
  • Marketing Requirements are much clearer and testable thanks to BDD (Gherkins) requirements.