Internationally distributed

realpolitik makes this a must

Agile and Lean Thinking include distributed teams. We help you configure and manage the optimal team operation for your digital transformation projects.





Chances are that your team members are located in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, etc.

How do you perform the Daily Stand-up? How do you systematically groom your backlog when your stakeholders are not physically with you? How do you motivate your Devs? Which tools are best to support this? Is your company culturally proficient enough?

We at Agile Systems have many years of experience managing teams from three regions: Asia, Europe and America. Our team is culturally diverse: Though based in Frankfurt/Germany, our team members are located all over the world.

Moreover, we have helped our customers manage distributed teams for more than two decades. We will be happy to help your project with a distributed team as well.

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It does not matter where your team is. 

Give them the right tooling and use the right management methods to motivate them to complete your release as planned. Have meaningful Daily Stand-ups with team members who work from anywhere. Keep your team motivated and operating as a unit by understanding their needs and motivations. Be a global manager.

At Agile Systems we have worked with people operating in cities, beaches, deserts, Starbucks and everything in between. This is the new normal and we can show you how you too can acquire, manage and retain global talent to help your team in the journey to digital maturity.

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