Operational Processes

Only cloud technologies provide the power, scalability and the flexibility to support digital transformation initiatives. The implementation methodologies are key.

Operational Processes' 3 Elements

In a digital transformation context

If you have a Customer Experience strategy in place, are ready to transform your business model, then you are ready to empower your processes with modular, api-enabled tooling out of the cloud. Furthermore, you need to skill-up your workers and also need to upgrade your management and operational processes.



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What was long ago considered the realm of larger corporations is now the competitive advantage of the small and mid-sized company. The functionality of modern CRM, Enterprise CMS, BPM, etc. provide the following foundations for solid Digital Transformation initiatives.

  • Sales Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Process Automation
  • Document Automation
  • REST API Ecosystems
  • and much more
And all these at extremely reasonable prices for a positive ROI.
AgileCRM - Marketing Automation

Furthermore, in the path to digitalization, products and services are being bought and sold online (602 billion euros in 2017 for Europe, 409 billion in US Dollars in the US in 2017), the need to handle massive amounts of inventories for online commerce grows hand in hand with exponential growth in the online retail industry – and others. To this end, companies’ Enterprise Resource Planning Systems – who are tightly integrated into their eCommerce platforms – must be an integral strategic component in any IT Infrastructure supporting any kind of Digital Transformation initiative.

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Worker Enablement


The office as we know it is changing. Office space is a negative entry in the financial ledgers and this cost impacts ROI negatively. There is an enourmous amount of tools which allow workers of all stripes the ability to access the right information at the right time from wherever. From a company point of view, a great place to have workers working from is their homes: Colleagues can access cloud services, which in the previous element (process digitalization) have been already enabled. The workflows should be fine-tuned and well understood by all workers to gain efficiencies from working remotely. 

However, superior tooling, lower remote access cost and smooth workflows are just the beginning for a sustainable and profitable digital transformation operational success. Very important are also the related agile methodologies, which need to be set in place to accommodate this type of remote arrangements. Daily stand-ups become Slack / Atlassian’s Stride events. Product Demos become Online Demos in a teleconference.

Finally, technology increases the pressure on current management skills and project management processes to support a successful digital transformation where workers have been enabled as described here.

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Performance Management


Similarly to the empowered worker, who has access to a super-charged cloud infrastructure, we have the empowered manager. This other individual is in an equally elevated position for a bright digital transformation future: Decision making for example, with tools like Atlassian’s Confluence or Microsoft’s SharePoint Managers can access Digital Dashboards of distributed teams and of several different product releases. 

Deep-Dive: API Analytics and Business KPIs - Measure what matters

This presents the opportunity – and the danger – of having management talent either super-charged, or super-obsolete. Therefore, upper management must consider early in the digital transformation journey, not only how to empower the “worker”, but how to empower management as well. This must include training.

Whatever the company strategic’s vision might be, management tools, skills and technologies need to be constantly updated and considered part of a complete digital transformation initiative.

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