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We are Prince2 and PMI certified with experience in hundreds of IT Projects. We can support you in Requirements Analysis,  System Design, Implementation, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance of mid-sized to large IT Projects.

classic waterfall


Digital maturity in the enterprise is a journey. While we at Agile System firmly believe that only agile and lean thinking can transform your customer journeys and business models into a unified agile operation, it is a reality that there is a great number of businesses who make a decision to follow proven waterfall models. 

If that is your case, we can support you with Prince2 and PMI know-how.



Source: Axelos

Waterfall is powerful, and it is the ideal methodology IF uncertainty is LOW. The problem with it is that, in a digital transformation framework, uncertainty is HIGH. Hence the need for agile over waterfall methodologies.

However, there are enormous efficiencies in doing things in a sequential manner – instead of constantly monitoring and assessing the market conditions.

Take a look at this link of a related video from “Development that Pays“.

As experienced IT Project Managers for small, medium and large waterfall projects, we can also help you with this powerful, classic technique in a digital transformation context.

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Source: IT Knowledge Portal: Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide

One of the best known methodologies and institutions in project management worldwide is PMI Body of Knowledge.

We have been certified as Project Manager Professionals (PMP) for many years, and have experience in applying the PMBOK in all kinds of projects of all sizes. We have an intimate knowledge in these methodologies. Therefore, we can support you in your digital transformation journey if you are using either Prince2 or PMP.

And even better: We can help you transform from a waterfall operation into an agile one by fully understanding where your company and team stand from a project methodology perspective.

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