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Hybrid - agile waterfall




Waterfall methodologies like Prince2 or PMI could be used as a wrapper for Agile-oriented methods. Any combination is possible. The question is: Is it necessary?

In many corporate environments the desire to be agile while staying “Waterfall” is like sirens calling.


As explained in the Scrum/Kanban section: Before using two methodologies in some sort of combination, make sure your team knows each one well enough. In our experience, when a team tries to mix methodologies, it is because the advantages – and disadvantages – of the used methodology are not well understood, or because the team or company is not ready to implement it.

Source: notcot.org

Our advice is:

  • Understand your team’s and company’s agile readiness
  • Understand the goal and deliverables of your project
  • Understand the power – and limitations – of each individual methodology
If you follow this advice, you might discover that you only need one methodology, which is the preferred approach.
Source: Ajay Tripathi, PMP®, ITIL

However, we have seen cases when the combination was unavoidable due to non-technical issues. For example: Headquarters in London wanted full control on a business unit in Germany. London was using a waterfall methodology, while the German offices were using an agile approach. 

The solution then sometimes lies in carefully integrating

  • artifacts
  • rituals
  • deliverables
at very specific points. Normally, this is done using one controlling “wrapping” methodology, and another one as a “servant”, typically in the delivery. What has worked well in our experience is Prince2 as the wrapper and Scrum in the managed delivery phase.
Source: M. Talha | PRINCE2 and Scrum Combined:

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