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We specialise in empowering organisations to achieve their digital transformation goals through our certified and experienced team of Agile and Lean Product Managers, Scrum Masters, and IT Managers, all based in Frankfurt.

Unlock the Power of Digital Transformation for Business Success


Unleash the potential of your business. Don’t get left behind.

Start your digital transformation journey today with our specialized team of experts.

From assessment and strategy development to implementation and ongoing support, we will work with you every step of the way to empower your organization for success in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

Achieve Success with Digital Transformation. Join the new normal

Achieving success with Agile and Lean Digital Transformation involves empowering your organization through the implementation of Agile and Lean principles and methodologies in product management. 

This approach leads to improved efficiency, cost reduction, increased competitiveness, and the creation of new revenue opportunities in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

Achieve the Next Level of Success for Your Business

Digital Transformation as enabler

It enables you to leverage the latest combination of digital technologies and processes to stay competitive and relevant in a digital world.

Avoid Common Pitfalls – apply the 3 success factors

Don’t let your digital transformation become a statistic: Research shows that the majority of digital transformations fail to meet their goals with studies like Capgemini’s finding that only 27% are successful and McKinsey’s indicating that 70% fail. 

Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process and ensure your success. 


Customer Experience

Digital Transformation is all about delighting Customers. To achieve this we help you bring your Customer Journey to Story Maps to Sprints and to Deliverables with the help of Design Thinking.


Business Models​

Radical Change is risky. But digital trans-formation is radical change. The optimal approach is the creation of a MVP Portfolio that supports your Customer Experience Initiatives.


Operational Processes

Only cloud technologies provide the power, scalability and the flexibility to support digital transformation initiatives. The implementation methodologies are key


Gain the skills you need to succeed without being overwhelmed by information overload.

  • Stay ahead of the technology curve with our hands-on approach
  • Drive your business forward with our strategic thinking, planning and digital skills
  • Lead your team to success with our effective leadership capabilities
  • Engage stakeholders and drive transformation with our collaboration and negotiation skills 

Use Best Practices

Based on your organization’s culture, goals, and readiness for digital transformation

"Our digital experience projects deliver lean, cost-effective, beginning-to-end digital ecosystems: Business & digital strategies, creative concepts, digital business, digital marketing & digital media - supported by the latest cloud technologies."
Petra Fender | PMP, Oracle Certified professional
Technical Project Manager

Apply Agile & Lean Methods

Trust only industry-proven best practices. Focus on the key techniques and disregard the rest.

Apply two of the most popular agile methodologies available: Scrum & Kanban

Use Scrum for delivery and Prince2 for communicating with your stakeholders

We help you with classic waterfall methodologies like Prince2 and PMI

We help you manage a multi-talented, highly-skilled team, efficiently and professionally

Manage your digital delivery based on your roadmap. Deliver value in well managed sprints.

Through the concept of “Kaizen”, we help you build a world-class ITIL service desk to support your continuous digital delivery.