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Digital Transformation

Supercharge Your Digital Value

Experts in boosting firm competitiveness with digital tech. Leading Agile transformations, introducing fresh business models & leveraging modern digital technologies – including Generative AI

At Agile Systems, we don’t just consult; we collaborate with you. Drawing on insights from MIT, Gartner, and KPMG, and using tools like SAFe, we make digital transformation both simple and relatable. Our goal? Delivering real value to your clients in every interaction.


In a Nutshell

What’s in It For You

A successful and rewarding digital transformation process, with clear results.

Expect cost savings, enhanced value to your end customer, or both.

We Prioritise Value

Highly skilled specialists often struggle to collaborate across departments. We break silos to deliver measurable customer value.


We systematically use tools from MIT, KPMG, and Gartner; and Agile Frameworks like SAFe. Our meticulous approach guarantees a secure and accurate digital transformation, leaving no detail overlooked.

Our work

Backed by a decade of global expertise and trust from firms like Kia Motors and PayOne, our results stand out. From Frankfurt, we remotely serve clients worldwide.

Achieve Digital Mastery


Customer Experience

Digital Transformation aims to delight customers. We guide you from Customer Journey to Deliverables using Story Maps, Sprints, and Design Thinking.

Business Models​

Digital transformation is safe and rewarding with us. Guided by a business vision, we prototype, measure KPIs, and manage change for secure innovation.

Operational Processes

Cloud technologies are essential for digital transformation due to their power, scalability, and flexibility. How they’re implemented is crucial.

Apply Agile & Lean Methods


Scrum | Kanban

Does your team use Scrum or Kanban without seeing the expected results? We’ll realign and refine these agile methodologies for you.


Re-evaluate your agile toolset: Rethink using Scrum for delivery and Prince2 for communicating with your corporate stakeholders


Agile is popular but not foolproof. Sometimes, traditional methods outperform. We help you choose and execute.

You are in Great Company

Tap into a Worldwide Network of Specialists

Digital Talent

We guide you in leading a diverse, skilled team professionally and efficiently, regardless of location.

Digital Products

Refocus your roadmap on value. Challenge your teams with concise value sprints, deliver consistently, measure success, and adapt.

Service Desk

Stay ahead with “Kaizen”. We steer you towards establishing a premier ITIL service desk with a focus on innovation-promoting SLAs.



What is Digital Transformation and how can it benefit my business?

Digital transformation is more than just adding technology to business. It reshapes how businesses work and serve their customers. This change boosts efficiency, enhances customer interactions, and opens doors to new opportunities and revenue.

Certified in both, we know Agile and Lean prioritize adaptability and continuous feedback. Traditional project management, like Waterfall, is sequential. While Waterfall moves step by step, Agile and Lean iterate and constantly improve.

Customer Experience (CX) drives digital transformation. It’s more than just tech—it’s optimizing the customer journey. Drawing from our international experience with major consulting firms like KPMG and backed by advanced MBA degrees, we understand customer needs and streamline processes for effective, satisfying interactions.

As a certified ITIL provider, we adhere to its best practices for top-notch IT service management and customer support. Our ITIL service desk acts as a hub for monitoring and handling IT incidents and requests, guaranteeing services align with business goals and customer requirements.

Our pricing is tailored to your needs. We offer competitive hourly or per diem rates based on the project’s nature. We charge strictly on a time-and-material basis, so when we engage freelancers, you’re billed only for the actual time utilized. While our rates are competitive, we believe in delivering value beyond just cost. For a personalized quote, please reach out to us directly by using the contact form in the footer of this page.

We are primarily remote-based, with our headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. While we have the capability to visit clients in person, we strategically minimize these visits to optimize budget use. Our distributed model means we utilize physical office spaces only when absolutely necessary. This approach not only results in considerable cost savings for our clients but also gives us a competitive edge over more traditional agencies that haven’t wholeheartedly embraced digital transformation.

Agile Systems emphasizes data security in every digital transformation phase. Using advanced encryption and following global data standards, we ensure your data’s safety. A case in point is our project with PAYONE, a leading payment service provider based in Germany and Austria, where we implemented secure payment processing solutions. Our team’s up-to-date training guarantees data confidentiality at all times.

Agile Systems is deeply rooted in B2B solutions, spanning sectors from digital marketing to logistics, and from petroleum to artificial intelligence. While our expertise covers a broad spectrum, including in-house app development, our true specialization lies in optimizing value streams for the end customer. Regardless of the industry, our primary focus is to enhance the value delivered to the final consumer, making their experience seamless and beneficial. This customer-centric approach sets us apart and underscores our commitment to delivering tangible results, no matter the domain.

Agile Systems uses Agile and Lean methods for adaptability and swift changes. When challenges arise, our iterative approach lets us adjust promptly. We keep our clients in the loop, ensuring clear communication and collaborative decision-making.

Absolutely! Agile Systems takes pride in our successful projects, some of which are showcased in our case studies section. From digital transformation in action to specific industry solutions like automotive digital marketing and ERP implementations, our case studies provide insights into our approach and results. We’re also happy to provide references upon request.

At Agile Systems, we integrate Agile and Lean methodologies into large enterprise projects, emphasizing harmonization. Through change management, we ensure that these methodologies are seamlessly aligned with the existing processes and structures of the organization, allowing for effective coordination and implementation across large teams. Our approach ensures that even in expansive settings, the principles of Agile and Lean are effectively applied to deliver optimal results.

Yes, we do! We recognize that many agencies might not possess certain specialized capabilities in-house. At Agile Systems, our deep knowledge in digital transformation, Agile and Lean methodologies, and customer value streams positions us as a prime partner for those agencies. If you’re seeking expertise in areas like agile transformation, change management, Jira, Confluence, software automation, or large-scale project coordination, contact us. We’re ready to help you enhance your services and bridge any capability gaps.

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