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Digital Transformation

Agile Systems IT Specialists support clients in the digital transformation of their business through agile project management.

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What Does a Modern [java-based] CMS Provide?

"A [modern, java-based] content management system (CMS) is a software application that facilitates the creation, management (creation, editing versioning, workflow, etc.) and publishing of content. Historically speaking, content management systems were invented so that non-technical content creators could quickly collaborate to produce and publish content without worrying about the technological complexities of displaying that content in a webpage or application. Today, the CMS is just as important to developers as it is to non-technical content managers. The line between what is code and what isn’t is more blurred than ever before. Today, almost every application has content in it. Developers are looking for solutions that allow them to craft and deploy content-enabled apps, websites, and other digital experiences quickly without having to reinvent the wheel."

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