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Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019

"Strategic technology trends have the potential to drive significant disruption and deliver significant opportunity. Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders must evaluate these top trends to identify opportunities, counter threats and create competitive advantage.

Key Findings

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) opens up a new frontier for digital business. This is because virtually every application, service and Internet of Things (IoT) object incorporates an intelligent aspect to automate or augment application processes or human activities.
  • The way we perceive and interact with technology is undergoing a radical transformation. Conversational platforms, augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality will provide more natural and immersive ambient experience within the digital world.
  • Digital representations of things and organizational processes are increasingly used to monitor, analyze and control real-world environments. These digital twins combined with AI and immersive experiences set the stage for open, connected and coordinated smart spaces.
  • Formal mechanisms to identify technology trends and prioritize those with the biggest potential impact on the business create competitive advantage.


    Enterprise architecture (EA) and technology innovation leaders driving business transformation through technology innovation must:

  • Explore ways that essentially any physical device within the organization or the customer’s environment can be powered by AI-driven autonomous capabilities.
  • Educate, engage and ideate with senior business leaders about their strategically relevant priorities and where AI can automate or augment human activities.
  • Develop and deploy a mix of platforms that incorporate conversational interactions with virtual, augmented and mixed reality for targeted use cases to create an immersive user experience.
  • Support IoT initiatives by developing and prioritizing targeted, high-value business cases to build digital twins of physical things and organizational processes.
  • Learn about and monitor quantum computing while it is still in the emerging state. Identify real-world problems where it has potential and assess its possible impact on security."

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