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Agile Systems IT Specialists support clients in the digital transformation of their business through agile project management.

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Significance of Continuous Integration During Agile Development Practices

"Why is continuous integration required? We've often experienced programmers writing code and the task working perfectly, but later, while we integrated that code with the rest of the application, we faced unexpected results. To overcome such situations, continuation integration is very much needed. It becomes more important with Agile frameworks, where the nature of delivery is incremental, iterative, and in short cycles (as in Scrum, XP, or in fact in any other Agile framework). Continuous integration is possible only through an automated process that builds, tests, analyzes, and deploys the application. This process runs with each source-code change and provides immediate feedback to the development team. Minimum human intervention in these processes results in saving time. Continuous integration also reduces the risk of delivery slippage as the development team performs testing and integration on a continuous basis. This helps us identify defects in time and take appropriate and necessary action."

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