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Agile Systems IT Specialists support clients in the digital transformation of their business through agile project management.

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User Experience (UX) is at the heart of every Digital Transformation

"Digital Transformation starts with the Customer in mind. A top-notch user experience is a fantastic way to keep customers involved and engaged with your brand in this digital age. It is the key element to making a difference and getting an edge over your competitors.For a digital transformation to be successful, businesses are growing increasingly aware of the necessity to be more user-centric, be it their employees for internal systems or their customers for external-facing interfaces. There are many criteria to creating or assessing the user experience: Search – how easy it is to find the site or application Consistency – does it provide the same experience across all the devices Content – how intriguing is the content to keep the user glued Design – is it beautiful, clean with brand enhancing visual design Access – how easy is it to use and understand the app Desirable – how much influence it generates on users to use the app Credibility – can users trust the app Usefulness – how valuable are the features and functions"

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