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One Story at a time

Digital Transformation is all about delighting Customers. To achieve this we help you bring your Customer Journey to Story Maps to Sprints and to Deliverables with the help of Design Thinking.


Customer Experience

Customer Understanding

Understand customer habits using Journey Maps. Utilize CRM data for insights; if absent, set it up. Segment interactions accurately. If uncertain of segments, refer to CRM. Categorize customers by Values, Needs, and Purchasing. Recognize touch & pain points and establish metrics, regardless of simplicity, to measure customer values.


Craft your brand's narrative using themes and story mapping. Prioritize MVPs, then evolve to MVEs. Showcase minimalist products reflecting your brand. Maximize digital media, especially social platforms. Monitor and adapt. Embrace technology, digitalizing touch/pain points. Progressively push tech limits. Always measure and follow proven methodologies.

Customer Touchpoints

Every interaction, from your website to employees, tells your brand's story. Ensure consistency. MIT Sloan states digital initiatives enhance customer service, but managing numerous channels supporting your brand is challenging. Begin modestly, budget wisely, and act. Follow outlined steps, measuring "brand equity" pre and post digital marketing changes. Aim for an omni-channel approach, ensuring uniform brand experience across channels, despite budgetary challenges.

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